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Wade Into Wealth

Super fun podcast I did – Wade Into Wealth – and it might be the best intro I’ve ever gotten – they dug up my first rap song – put your money on Galleon.


How To Be Happy

I was asked to teach a course on – How To Be Happy – for Himalaya – I told them that I’d be happy if they paid me to do it… I got a little bit of a giggle and that was enough for me. You can check it out here with a free trial – and the other people they have teaching courses are way more exciting than me

how to be happy – himalaya

No Prisoners Podcast – Brad Garrett

Recently I did a podcast with Brad Garrett – we got into somethings I’ve never opened up about like trauma, masculinity, and shame. It’s available anywhere you listen to podcasts – I have to say it was pretty wild to her Bloat from Finding Nemo tell me that I have the best name ever — then quickly pivoting to thinking that my name sounds like an STD – if you want to watch and listen here’s the youtube link.


Tricks of the Trade

Here’s a super fun podcast I did called Kind of Obsessed. I loved talking with Sara and Katie – and it definitely didn’t feel like any other podcasts I’d been on before. Take a listen Kind of Obsessed Podcast

10 Years Sober…

I’m so grateful for all the people who’ve helped me along in my journey. Not to be overly dramatic, but I should be dead. I used to do lines of cocaine that were so long I needed to shuffle my feet just to finish them. I loved cocaine-like Leonardo loved Rose in Titanic. Drinking was my side piece. I couldn’t stop. And I didn’t want to stop because I genuinely believed that it was going to be different the next time. After a rough night, I’d surrender for a few hours or perhaps even a day. I might even swear off drinking and drugging forever. I’m NEVER doing that again! Ever! And then a day later, I’d convince myself that the next time—yes—the next time—it was going to be different. I could control it. I’d only do a certain amount, or I’d stop at a specific time, and everything would be fine, but it rarely ever was fine. And I collected this data for a long time. I kept believing my lie, and I kept on using. If you’re relapsing every other day—that’s just called using. It wasn’t until I started getting honest with myself that I could even attempt sobriety. I was full of shit. It was never going to be different the next time I used. Not only that, it was going to get worse. Early on, I was told the only requirement was a desire to stop using, but my only desire was to make my problems go away. It took me a while to realize that the two were synonymous. Today, I don’t have to be sober; I get to be sober. It’s a choice. And it took what it took, two rehabs, multiple outpatients, loss of jobs, money, house, family court, and loss of self-respect. But I got it all back. So, no matter where you are on your journey, I promise you it can be done, and there are good times ahead. For me, the only way it’ll be different the next time—is if there isn’t a next time. Again, thank you to everyone who’s supported and loved me. I did not do this alone.

TEDx Talk

I was very honored to be asked to give my first TEDx Talk in Hickory, North Carolina. I’ve always believed that IF I got THEN I would feel y. And I was always wrong. It’s a lesson that took several decades for me to learn, but I’m so grateful that I did.

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