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Turney Duff is a speaker, author, journalist and television personality. His career on Wall Street spanned the 15 most dramatic years in finance; from his early years at Morgan Stanley to the infamous Galleon Group, then co-founding a billion dollar hedge fund and all the way through the financial collapse. Turney has seen and done it all. His experience can help others while growing up in the business.

Turney Duff is the author of The New York Times Best Seller, The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess

  • New York Times Bestseller
  • One of Amazon’s Best Business Books 2013
  • Wall Street consultant for Showtime series Billions (2016) starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti
  • CNBC.COM contributor
  • The Insider Magazine contributor
  • Featured commentator on CNBC’s prime time television show The Filthy Rich Guide – seasons 1 and 2 (currently filming).

“Turney Duff is everything people wished Jordan Belfort was.”
– Peter Lattman, The New York Times

Over the past year, Turney has spoken in seminars and delivered keynotes to several groups, with audiences ranging from those aimed at Higher Education Entering the Workforce, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Corporate America, Sales Teams, Addiction & Alcoholics, and Not For profit and Fund Raisers. Turney’s talks include:

  • Networking (Old-School)
  • IQ vs. EQ
  • Building and cultivating relationships
  • Wining and Dining
  • Business Karma
  • Chasing Happiness
  • American Dream turned Nightmare
  • Losing ethics and morality through success
  • Passion and Perspective
  • Reinvention

Recent talks include:

Stansberry Conference
CAIA Cayman Islands Chapter Launch
South Point Hedge Fund – NY
Cetera Financial – Dallas TX
Hedge Fund Roundtable, NYC
Keynote Speaker at the Chicago Traders Convention, IL
Marist College, NY
Ohio University Business
Pace University
Rotary Club of Wall Street, NY
Harvard Club – Rotary NYC
Wall Street Book Club, NY
Keynote Speaker at NCADD Westchester dinner (National Council Addiction Drug Dependence), NY
The Strand Bookstore, NY
Delivering Happiness Club
Wilton Library, CT
Kennebooks, ME
Longfellows Portland Bookstore, OR
The Half King, NY

PBS Frontline Documentary – To Catch a Trader
CNBC series – The Filthy Rich

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