What Wall Street is reading this Summer

Not in the book

Ah, summer. A time when Wall Street unbuttons its shirt, kicks off its shoes and heads for the Hamptons. So what books are they stuffing in their weekend bags? We checked in with traders, bankers, analysts and hedge funders. Here

Casual Friday… Don’t make that mistake…

I'm going downhill...

Casual Friday is supposed to be fun and relaxed in the white-collared world. But on Wall Street, there are unwritten rules that must be followed or else… It’s not like wearing a pair of jean shorts could cost you a

Wall Street + Hamptons =


In the Hamptons, Wall Street loves to spend their money. And if Memorial Day weekend is any indication, it’s going to be raining Benjamins all summer long. This past weekend, Range Rovers were everywhere … gourmet market Citarella and Starbucks

The Escort Indicator: Wall Street is Booming Again…


When speaking about escorts, Charlie Sheen once said, “I don’t pay them for sex, I pay them to leave.” And, like Sheen, a lot of Wall Street guys don’t need to pay for sex either, but they’d rather. “When I’m

Snitch… or Go to Prison?


I know guys on their way to prison, currently in prison, out of prison and a lot who never got caught. Four years ago, my former boss, Raj Rajaratnam, received 11 years, which, at the time, was the longest sentence

Think White Collar Prison is Club Fed? It’s not…


“I don’t want to go to jail,” is a statement often heard on a trading desk. Sometimes it’s said jokingly, but other times it has more merit. The fear of doing hard time bounces from the conscious to the subconscious