“You can only leave Morgan Stanley once.” That’s what my former boss said when I told her I was leaving the bank in 1999. I wonder if CFO Ruth Porat heard the same thing when she announced she was heading to Google? Would

Diet Coke Addiction


Hi. My name is Turney and I’m a Diet Coke addict. I have been for years. Countless times I’ve hopped in my car upon waking up, clad in my pajamas and not showered, and driven to the closest gas station to get

A Good Night Skype – Tucking your Kids in from Miles Away


On the disciplines of a rigid bedtime routine; I’m probably a below average parent.   Another way of saying it is: I’m soft. I don’t get upset by the 15 minute extension entreaty, the Hail Mary request for a glass

Top 10 Lies told by Wall Street


We’ve seen a lot of fibbers outed recently. And when it’s a trusted newsman like Brian Williams or a military veteran like Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald, we feel betrayed to learn that they’ve been lying to us. But

A Not So Happy Ending Massage


This is an embarrassing story so I thought I would share. Read Full Article

Renting Movies Just isn’t the Same…


Remember when you actually had to go to the video store to rent a movie? It was an event. It was part of the night. These days in the midst of a blizzard or even a little bit of rain,