CNBC video of me and my daughter

Pint-Sized Analyst

Where Your Wall Street Boyfriend Is

Not in the book

You met him in the Hamptons this summer on a Saturday night. Well, it was really a Sunday morning because it was 3 a.m., but whatever. He’s great. Super fun, smart and seems to be very driven. You were giddy

Bad Boy Quiz


I’ve been called a “bad boy” before. I wasn’t ever sure that term really fit me. So I created a quiz to help people figure out what kind of bad boy they are…   Bad Boy Quiz

Halloween Candy Etiquette

See I can write about more than just cocaine and hookers.   They come every year, without fail: the witches, the ghosts and the superheroes who ring our doorbells. They stand there holding pumpkin baskets shouting “Trick or Treat!” and

Where Wall Street goes to Play


When I was 25 and working at Morgan Stanley, I remember being at a holiday party. I was looking across the dance floor at a group of traders, a generation above me. They were tapping each other’s beer to make

Stealing Celebrity Cheez Doodles


Summer. 2002. 10 p.m. I’m at Mexican Radio enjoying a little tequila…Okay, fine, a lot of tequila, but I’m with some of my friends so it’s not like I’m getting warehoused alone. I hear ringing. It’s my cell. “Get your