Sleeping on the Street

Why would a millionaire or a celebrity choose to sleep on the streets of New York City? Two words: Homeless youth. Most of us can’t fathom being homeless as adults — but what if you were a teenager? Watch Video

Daddy is Santa Real?


Unwrapped Christmas gifts cover every inch of the kitchen table. Stuffed animals stacked on top of Barbie dolls stacked on top of puzzles stacked on top of Nintendo DS gadgets stacked on top of Dream Houses. There are too many

Homeless Tonight…


Tonight I’m spending the night on the street. I’m raising money for the Covenant House. Covenant House not only shelters, feeds and medically cares for homeless teens, but also has educational and employment programs to help empower the kids, it’s

Seeing my Daughter with my EX’s Boyfriend


I knew that eventually Jenn, my ex, would start dating someone. I was okay with that. We had too much of a past to ever consider getting back together, and the present was too good to consider changing. I thought

That Day the Credit Card Bill Comes…


It’s rare that anything positive comes to me through the mailbox these days. Typically, my walk from the driveway to the trash can hidden underneath the sink consists of eyeballing and sorting through unwanted catalogs, IRA statements, and unsolicited junk

How to Spend a Million Dollar Bonus


It may be holiday-shopping season at the mall but on Wall Street, it’s bonus season. The amount they’ll receive has pretty much already been determined so there’s only one thing left to do — figure out how to spend it.