Is Your Hedge Fund a Ticking Time Bomb?


What’s the best way to blow up a hedge fund without using dynamite? A. No risk management B. High financial leverage C. Excessive concentration D. Hoping… E. All of the above Read Full Article at CNBC

Your Kid Swears. So What?


The damn bus is late again. I wait. I wait some more. I wait until I see the big yellow school bus make a wide turn around the corner at the end of the block. It’s headed for our stop.

Business Dinners

Not in the book

Here’s a video and article I did for CNBC. Wining and dining is paramount in business, especially on Wall Street. When the office lights go out and the city lights come on — it’s time to shine. What happens after

Common Core Means Teachers Can’t Do What’s Best for their Students


Kennebunk High School, 1987 I peeked into the classroom to see if my teacher was alone. He wasn’t. Some other student was getting extra help after school. I started to pace back and forth in the hallway by the burnt-orange

9.5 Reasons to Watch the College Football Championships


I s lipped demurely into the den on New Year’s Day to sneak-watch some of the Ohio State vs. Alabama semifinal football game. In the other room, between dinner and desert, family and friends were gathered around the dining room

2014 Facebook Feed Year in Review


As the new year begins, I’m still reflecting on how our news feeds on Facebook were filled with tragedy, angst and social unrest over the last 12 months. Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Maya Angelou died. The deaths of