8 market superstitions: Should you be afraid?


Wall Street traders and investors have had a tumultuous August this year. And they’re ready for a new month to begin. But the new month is September, which can be a difficult time of year. We hear things like: “The

Why Wall Street loves Trump…


There’s a love-fest going on between Wall Street and Donald Trump — but not for the usual political reasons. The truth is, Wall Street loves a circus — and Trump just brought it to town. “The guy is hilarious,” said

Straight to Hell – book review


Read Book Review at CNBC – Straight to Hell by John LeFevre

Six of the oldest tricks in Wall Street’s book…


The oldest trick in the book is tapping someone on their left shoulder when you’re standing on their right. It’s all about misdirection. And in the world of Wall Street, there’s no shortage of trickery. The con comes from all


I’ve been consulting on #Billions via Showtime Networks​ for a new series. It’s been an amazing experience so far. I’m learning a lot and working with incredible talented people. Andrew Ross Sorkin​ Brian Koppleman and David Levien. Please watch the

What Wall Street is reading this Summer

Not in the book

Ah, summer. A time when Wall Street unbuttons its shirt, kicks off its shoes and heads for the Hamptons. So what books are they stuffing in their weekend bags? We checked in with traders, bankers, analysts and hedge funders. Here