Sony deal…

The Buy Side

So this is the next step… A lot still needs to happen to ever see this on the screen, but it’s the next step. I’m very grateful to be in this position. I’ve had so much help and support along

Looking back at life on The Buy Side (video)

CNBC Video

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10 Tips for Young Wall Street

Twitter Drama…


According to Publisher’s Weekly, @gselevator says he will sue the publisher “100 times over” if they try to get back the book advance they gave him. Nothing sounds more appealing to another publisher. For a guy who has made a

The Good Ship Galleon – Shirley Temple


  With the help of Millrose Music I was able to finally find a copy of The Good Ship Galleon. With the passing of Shirley Temple I thought it was appropriate. RIP… In October of 2000 we recorded the song

Interview with short selling home owner, twice drug rehabbing, three time hedge fund trading Ex Wall Street guy…


I’m heading to London for the U.K. book launch in February. A trader told me: ‘Nobody gives a shit about your education/GPA/resume. To get a job on Wall St you need to know someone who already works there, and be