You Might be part of the 1% If…


 We hear a lot about the 1 percent in America, and we all have our own ideas of who they are. If we go strictly by the numbers, they might be the people who have household incomes north of $500,000,

Free Swim in the Bonus Pool


The homestretch of bonus season on Wall Street is marked by the quarter pole of October. It’s a tricky time of year because the mental figures have already started to form in management’s head. Your boss will have a pool

How Rich People Tip

Not in the book

 In the 1990s, I lived with a couple of roommates in a doorman building on the Upper West Side. Every December conversation would invariably come around to how much we should tip the doormen and handymen. My roommates would try

What’s Your Number to Quit Wall Street?


A few months after I finished writing my book The Buy Side and right before it was published, I called my friend Brian McDonald. Brian is an author who knows infinitely more than I do about the world of books, so whenever


PREMIERE ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 at 10PM ET/PT The series premiere of CNBC’s “THE FILTHY RICH GUIDE” will air on Wednesday, October 8 at 10PM ET/PT. The season consists of 5 thirty-minute episodes that will roll out over 4 weeks. I had

Is that Trader flashing a Sell Sign?

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