The Filthy Rich Guide Season 2


It airs tonight at 10 p.m. on CNBC And Five Epic Fights on Wall Street Read Full Article

Shoe Porn


The first year I pulled in nearly half a million dollars, I did what every hedge-fund trader who’s trying to climb the buy-side ladder would do: I hired two personal shoppers at Barneys. I walked into Barneys wearing baggy shorts,

Podcast with Ryan Hawk


I’m honored to be a guest on such a great podcast – Learning Leader Listen Hear…

Taking the Temperature


Yesterday I met with a book club at a software company. And as I stepped off the elevator to the open office I instantly felt a kinetic vibe. It was alive. At first, second and third glance I noticed a

8 market superstitions: Should you be afraid?


Wall Street traders and investors have had a tumultuous August this year. And they’re ready for a new month to begin. But the new month is September, which can be a difficult time of year. We hear things like: “The

Why Wall Street loves Trump…


There’s a love-fest going on between Wall Street and Donald Trump — but not for the usual political reasons. The truth is, Wall Street loves a circus — and Trump just brought it to town. “The guy is hilarious,” said