You might have an Office Nickname (you don’t even know about)


This is a true story that happened to my friend Christina years ago. She was working at a public relations firm with a pack of twenty other recent college graduates. Just a step above interns, they were expected to do

Yesterday was a big day for insider trading


Insider trading just got a whole lot easier. The ambiguity of what constitutes insider trading has been the biggest deterrent of illegal practices over the last 6 years — that and watching all the perp walks down by City Hall

Fear & Parenting


I’m car number 12 out of 18. Two men in black and gold security jackets and sunglasses stand at the front of the line, directing traffic. With a wave of their hands they instruct each driver to move forward. We

The Feeling of Knowing you Paralyzed Someone


We hear clicking cleats on concrete as the other team walks toward our football field. They already look defeated. They know they’re in trouble. We’ve had eight games so far this season, and we’ve let the opposition score a combined

Sleeping on the Street

Why would a millionaire or a celebrity choose to sleep on the streets of New York City? Two words: Homeless youth. Most of us can’t fathom being homeless as adults — but what if you were a teenager? Watch Video

Daddy is Santa Real?


Unwrapped Christmas gifts cover every inch of the kitchen table. Stuffed animals stacked on top of Barbie dolls stacked on top of puzzles stacked on top of Nintendo DS gadgets stacked on top of Dream Houses. There are too many