Fly like the 1%


So you’ve had it with coach, business and first class — all of it. Are you ready to stop redeeming those frequent-flyer miles and join the ranks of Wall Street’s elite, trust-fund babies, celebrities, athletes and hoodie-wearing Silicon Valley millionaires?

Fake Business Trips…


I was three years into my career on Wall Street before the acronym F.B.T. had any relevance for me. It stands for Fake Business Trip, and there were two reasons why it didn’t really register: One, I didn’t have a

CNBC video of me and my daughter

Pint-Sized Analyst

Where Your Wall Street Boyfriend Is

Not in the book

You met him in the Hamptons this summer on a Saturday night. Well, it was really a Sunday morning because it was 3 a.m., but whatever. He’s great. Super fun, smart and seems to be very driven. You were giddy

Bad Boy Quiz


I’ve been called a “bad boy” before. I wasn’t ever sure that term really fit me. So I created a quiz to help people figure out what kind of bad boy they are…   Bad Boy Quiz

Halloween Candy Etiquette

See I can write about more than just cocaine and hookers.   They come every year, without fail: the witches, the ghosts and the superheroes who ring our doorbells. They stand there holding pumpkin baskets shouting “Trick or Treat!” and